clockfaceTuesday, August 2, 1892 Swordfish steaks for dinner.  Abby and Andrew are violently ill in the night.  Lizzie says she is sick too- but is she?

Wednesday, August 3, 1892 Abby runs across the street to see Dr. Seabury Bowen claiming she is poisoned and something must be wrong with the baker’s bread. Andrew drinks Garfield tea.  Lizzie says she stays in her room not feeling well all day.  But did she?  Ask Mr. Bence. Eli Bence will get a special visitor before noon on Wednesday inquiring for Prussic acid at Smith’s pharmacy.

Wednesday night Lizzie pays a call to her friend Alice Russell on Borden Street. She tells Alice she is so afraid something will happen- father has an enemy!! She thinks the milk may be poisoned on the doorstep! – only hours now until- – -